Trade-In program


At Nomad Unbranded, we believe in the longevity and quality of our boots. We understand that personal style preferences may evolve over time, which is why we have created a Trade-In Program to offer our customers the opportunity to exchange their boots for credit towards a new pair.

  • Purchase our boots designed to last for years to come.
  • Enjoy wearing them and embrace their durability.
  • If you desire a different shape or color in the future, participate in our Trade-In Program.
  • Receive a Trade-In value for your old boots.
  • Apply your Trade-In credit towards your next pair purchase.

What happens to the old boots?

We will clean and sell the used boots in our online store dedicated to "Used Boots." The profits from these sales will be donated to reforestation and animal care organizations, supporting environmental initiatives and wildlife conservation.

By participating in our Trade-In Program, you not only have the opportunity to refresh your style but also contribute to meaningful causes.

Thank you for being a part of our sustainable and caring community.